CSS Laser Grader

Machine Mountable

Introducing the Machine Mountable Laser Grader

The CSS Laser Grader model MLGFM2000 front mounted for loaders is designed to attach to the loaders’ quick hitch bracket.

The MLGFM2000 is fitted with a mounting frame with pre drilled holes ready to attach the loaders quick hitch frame. The grading dozer blade is connected to the mounting frame via parallel linkage system, to maintain a vertical position of the blade when raising or lowering the depth control of the blade is via 2 swivel mounted castor wheels connected to hydraulic cylinders which are powered by the loaders auxiliary oil service via a special twin bank proportional valve positioned on the grader.

A laser system is required to accurately control the blade height, either manually or automatically via a control box which should be mounted in easy distance from the loader operator. The dozer blade is fitted with cutting replaceable blades front and rear for working in both directions. A height accuracy of + or – 2mm is achievable.

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The CSS MLGFM2000 is capable of levelling and grading to + or – 2mm, however this can only be achieved after the ground has already been pre-levelled to within say 20-30mm by using the grader in manual mode.

As the loader and grader will have a limited amount of traction and earth moving capability. Manual grading can be carried out either via the laser control in manual mode or by bypassing the laser system and using the loader arms to control the blade depth.


The CSS MLGFM2000 grader will work with the majority of laser systems on the market that are compatible with a proportional valve system (the alternative is a solenoid valve – known as a bang bang valve) which generally is not as accurate or smooth as the proportional valve systems.

The Futtura Laser EG2 kit is a cost effective quality dual grade system accurate to within+ or – 2mm.