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Here you can find our range of Concrete Finishing Tools from Kraft Tool Co.®, we have Rakes, Placers, Hand Trowels, Radius Floats, Brush Kits and more, if you need it, we can supply it.

A Big Blue float for concrete floor finishing

Big Blue Float

The Kraft Tool Co.® Big Blue Float can be purchased as complete kit which is supplied with complete pitch adjusting knucklehead and 3 x 2mtr poles or Big Blue Blades and Knuckle only. Various sizes available 4ft, 5ft and 6ft.

A Channel radius for concrete floor finishing

Channel Radius Float

Kraft’s Channel Radius is available in 3 sizes. 6ft (6” x 6ft), 8ft (6” x 8ft) and 10ft wide (supplied with outriggers). The Kraft Tool Co.® Channel Radius Complete Kit includes poles which are also available separately.

Concrete rakes for concrete floor finishing

Concrete Rakes

The large flat end of the blade on this Kraft Tool Co.® concrete rake is angled with an optimal curve and a to easily push and pull material into place as the user spreads and levels concrete. The flat toothed rake on the other side moves through rocks, aggregate, and other materials.

Concrete placers for concrete floor finishing

Concrete Placers

These Kraft concrete placers have a curved head angled for perfect leverage in moving concrete. The blade and handle are welded for extra toughness.

Kraft Tools Hand trowels for concrete floor finishing

Steel Hand Trowels

We have a range of hand trowels from Kraft Tool Co.® featuring a ProForm® Handle. Kraft trowels are made from high quality blue steel, making them more flexible. They also have a forged aluminium shank.

A Fresno with Brush for concrete floor finishing

Fresno Blades / Brushes & Kits

We have a range of Fresno Brooms and kits available. From knuckles, poles and brushes, available in both steel and nylon. We can supply to cover all of your requirements. We also supply brushes / brooms with a wooden handle.

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